Climbing Mt. Babag For A Sunday’s Trek

In preparation for this week’s activity in Alto Peak at MFPI’s All Women Climb, last Sunday, May 17,  despite the Mister’s subtle protest, Liz & I decided to pursue our plan to condition ourselves. I initially wanted to be on a full gear mode bringing in the stuffs that I’m supposed to bring at Alto but decided I would be better off without it. Good thing, I change my mind because I have spared myself from the pressure of keeping up with the rest of the guys. 😀

Liz & I are still determined even if it’s just the 2 of us but still very happy to have these guys with us yesterday. From L – R: Liz, Portia (Liz’s LDI friend), Me, The Mister and Kuya Ali.

My first time in Babag was a little battered because I was carrying some foods for the outreach hosted by another local mountaineering group in Cebu, this time despite joining a group who will be having an outreach again in the same place, we were just free loaders. Thankful to Sir Jorge and Sir Jing for letting us trek with them. Without Liz’s resourcefulness, we would have added to Kuya Ali’s heartaches in Mt. Babag by being lost the 2nd time. Haha!

What’s A Day Trek in Babag Feels Like

Ohhh it was super fun…I felt energized and so full from eating A LOT! Haha! The Mister kept on mentioning how I ate a lot. It was therefore trek eating for me. But gluttony aside, trekking to Babag is easy when you have less things on your back. Unlike the first time, at about an hour from Napo Basketball court, we reached the manggahan where most trekkers stop for lunch, to the Mister’s utmost surprised. He even commented how easy it was which hurts me a little ’cause I was really having a hard time last trek.

Lunch stop after an hour of walking from Napo Basketball Court.

Because it was too early for lunch, we decided to just chill. We took a siesta from 11:00 – 12:00 PM. The Mister and I climbed and slept in the 2nd floor of the mango tree, Liz & Portia in the ground and Kuya Ali settled in the 1st floor.

Liz is dozing off to her dreamland!
The Mister & I cozying up atop a Mango tree.
Portia balancing up sleep!

We had lunched then left the Mango tree stop at 1:00 PM, leaving our new found friends behind to finish their outreach planning. I saw them arranging the school supplies before leaving. We were on our own after. But before we left, Sir Jorge told us that the path towards the flowers were closed but there is a new path. We just had to follow that & make sure we are on an uphill climb.

The sign posted in the closed path.

And it was indeed closed so we went ahead to the exposed path. Then a local kid passed by, when asked, she said we were on track. And up we went. We had some minor confusions on which path to take but we eventually been leaded to correct path. Yay! After an hour of walking up hill, we reached RCPI towers. And I thought that was it. Ohhh boy, I haven’t been warned. It took us almost 3 hours to finally reached the last leg of our adventure, Temple of Leah. But this time, we were walking on a cemented road. We actually had a choice to hail a habal-habal but decided walking is better. 🙂

In summary, here’s our itinerary:

07:00 Assemby at Guadalupe Church
08:45 Ride a habal-habal to Napo basketball court (10/person)
09:00 ETD to Manuel’s Manggahan
10:00 ETA Manuel’s Manggahan, lunch and chill
13:00 Resume trek to RCPI Towers
14:00 ETA RCPI Towers
17:00 ETA Temple of Leah

Comparing this trek to my last trek, the loads will certainly make a difference. Last time it took us 2 hours to arrive at Manuel’s.

Highlights of the Trek:

  1. Because we only brought water & packed lunch, our pacing were stable despite the almost 80% uphill trail.


2. The tree platforms at Manuel’s is just so cool. Makes me want to pursue my dream of building my own but where? Haha! And of course, the buko & mango were very tasty. The Mister was complaining because we spent Php 95 for I consumed 2 bukos and a mango. Hahaha! Buko is at Php 25 each and the mango is at Php 10.



3. Despite the seeming light trekking, my body aches after, which means, the conditioning was successful.




4. And I was finally able to visit Temple of Leah. Yahooo!




Itinerary Spin-Offs

Because it was my first time to complete a trek to Babag, I just realized that there are more trek itineraries that you could do to make it more fun & adventurous.

  1. Day trek entrance in Babag, then proceed to Sirao peak, down to Budlaan as exit.
View of the Chalet camp from the road.
  1. Overnight camp at Chalet via Babag, exit at Mt. View.
  2. Overnight camp at Sirao via Babag, exit at Budlaan.

Well, that’s what I could think of for now. I’ll add more soon. Happy to have find a new funtrek route for my fun club. But certainly not as fun as what we had in Sirao last time.

*All pictures courtesy of Kuya Ali.

Climbing Canlaon in 3 Days & 2 Nights Via Mapot-Mananawin Trail

It was our 2nd attempt to conquer Canlaon in the same trail. Started at Mapot, exit at Mananawin. The first was almost 3 years ago in September 2012. Climbing a mountain and not being able to reached its peak is sort of an unaccomplished feat for a mountaineer but is sorely understood. Regretful and sad but who could battle Mother Nature when it’s angry.

P1040727 (Custom)
2012. Leaving the shoulder without reaching the peak due to bad weather.

3 years ago, with a heavy heart & a much heavier body because we’re wet and cold, we left Canlaon’s shoulder in a haze. The winds were strong. It was drizzling. The fog covered everything. It was pitch whiteness everywhere. Neither of us knew then that we were walking down a very steep slope, a fact just confirmed since it was a clear day when we left Canlaon this year, a stark contrast from 3 years back.

2015. Going down on a clear day!

Note that our first climb was in September, a rainy season & this year was in February. It might really be best to climb Canlaon in Summer since it’s less likely to rain.

Compared to the first, this climb was a breeze. Somehow it’s not as battering. Must be because I have aged & accumulated trekking experiences over the years? Lol Kidding aside, I was really in high spirits all throughout. Could be attributed to having a camera as well, haha. Last time we have none since I lost it in Taal. Being unable to capture what I see is most heartbreaking. Whenever a trek has been decided, I always make it a point to research about it. And I always end up reading those with many pictures & an overly detailed story of the climb (found none for Alto Peak yet, waaaaa! makes me anxious!). Being true to my motto “Give what you want to receive”, I make it an extra effort to give everything I’ve got as well. 😀

Note this is the summary post of the climb, Day 1 is done, Day 2 and Day 3 is still in progress.

Foggy Moments on the way to Shoulder Camp (Night 2)

View of the foggy peak from Makakawiwili Peak! It took as a while before we were provided this view.

It was all excitement when we reached Makawiwili Peak. From the blogs that I’ve read, that part has some cool views of the great Canlaon which is unfortunately unseen on our previous attempt. This time, we were very happy to have been given a slight clearing. I thought that was enough. But human as we are, I wanted MORE!

Like the first, I could only see an outline of the great Canlaon. It was still very foggy when we arrive in the shoulder camp. When I slept that night, I prayed that we would have a clearing* the day after. I was in for a little heartbreak but not for very long.

Sunrise at the Shoulder Camp

It was the same whiteness in the morning of our 3rd day. Good thing that in spite of that, the sunrise is just as beautiful, painting the view in its orangey glow, like a ball of fire in a sea of clouds. In my mind, oh well, at least I saw the mighty sun this time and had a peek of the peak at Makawiwili. It’s already a better experience than the first.

When everyone woke up, they talked about how the waters broke into their tents and all. I was just listening and feeling very lucky ’cause Liz & I were spared. Then a thought came, it wasn’t luck, my prayer was answered in a different way, it said. I shrugged, oh well. There is always a 3rd time. But after the commotion die down, they told us to get ready for the summit. I was hesitant. Are we really safe in that fog?

The Climb to the Peak

There were lots of like this but I can only watched them since I’m too tired to get the camera from the then-boyfie-now-husband Migo. Trivia: this was our last climb as Migo & Miga!

30 minutes ascent, the guide told me when asked about how much time it would take to reach the peak. The path was laden with loose rocks in an about 30 degree angle. Since it is still foggy, I could only make out a few of what was in my surrounding. But of course who would miss the cairns (pile of rocks). When we reached the top, the prayed clearing* is still unheard. But we were patient & maybe, also hoping that the gods would answer our silent prayer…clearing please.

The Peak

Group picture while waiting for the fog to go away wearing our team shirt specially made for Canlaon. Our 2nd shirt! Yay! The first is a blue version worn at Mt. Apo!

While waiting for the fog to clear, we busied ourselves. I had a slight inkling that it was maybe just it. But the other part of me was hoping & continued praying. Please. Please. Pleaseeeeeeee. I couldn’t remember the exact time or for how long did we wait. All I remember is the happiness when the great Canlaon finally showed itself. It was amazing and euphoric.

Soon to be Mr & Mrs. Julio enjoying their last climb as Migo & Miga with the very shy Canlaon on the background.

Because of our delight and fear that the mighty Canlaon would shy away again, we just each took our time to do things on our own. We totally forgot to have a group picture. LOL

Back to the Camp

After a slight taste of clearing, the fogs were back. We walked down in the same pitch whiteness. Breakfast was ready when we arrived. All thanks to our very nice porter & guide. Weeeeeee! While we are busy eating…my fervent prayers were answered. Lo and behold! The fogs left and I could see everything CLEARLY. Finally a 360 degree view of Canlaon’s beauty. It was such a wow moment.

Finally a group picture on a clear day at Canlaon! 
Margaja Valley!
Jump for joy!!!

And then it was time to go. Unlike last time, we didn’t left with a heavy heart. We left with a smile on our face and a gratefulness in our hearts. Finally, we have conquered Canlaon. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!

Spot the difference! 2012 vs 2015

*clearing – term used to describe that instant where we could see & marvel the beauty of Canlaon, in short, the fog would disappear. 

Canlaon Series:
Summary -> You are here.
Canlaon Trek Day 1 of 3 – Sudlon Falls & Base Camp
Canlaon Trek Day 2 of 3 – Makawiwili Peak & Shoulder Camp
Canlaon Trek Day 3 of 3 – Slide Away from Canlaon

Canlaon Trek Day 1 of 3 – Sudlon Falls & Base Camp

We plan to met at North Bus Terminal before 4 AM. But the Migo&I was 30 minutes late. Instead of riding the bus bound to Canlaon directly, which was already so full when we arrived, the group decided to abandon the bus & proceed to Citilink, where we rode a V-hire to Toledo to catch the 0730 ferry for San Carlos City.


We had an Economy(sitting) ticket but we lacked sleep so we opt to go to the Standard(lying) floor where we could lay, hoping no one would claim the bed we took.


By 0930, we arrived at San Carlos City Terminal, had breakfast then took a bus bound to Canlaon City.



At 1130, we arrived in Canlaon City Bus Terminal where we are welcomed by Kuya Islaw, our porter last 2012, now our guide. He led us to Sir Jigz place, our guide before, now one of the focal person for Canlaon treks. We weren’t the only group in Sir Jigz’s place, we saw other mountaineer friends from Cebu as well. After some chitchat, signing in the log book and of course, picture-taking, we were off to the entry point Brgy. Mapot. Since it was still too early to head for the base camp, we visited Sudlon Falls first.




At 2:45 in the afternoon, we started the trek to the base camp. Unlike last time, the uphill climb was bearable. The combined walk and some stops together took an hour and 15 minutes. By 4:00 PM, we were ready to camp for the night.



After a yummy dinner of boiled pork and dried fish, we played our favorite pastime – The Resistance. It was once again an epic but this time, Dave stole my crown. Couldn’t be happier that it’s finally not with me. 😛

Canlaon Series:
Summary – Climbing Canlaon in 3 Days & 2 Nights Via Mapot-Mananawin Trail 
Canlaon Trek Day 1 of 3 -> You are here.
Canlaon Trek Day 2 of 3 – Makawiwili Peak & Shoulder Camp
Canlaon Trek Day 3 of 3 – Slide Away from Canlaon

Sirao Peak Funtrek With Office Ladies

It’s more fun…trekking with more friends indeed. 🙂 The weather was perfect for a climb, and everyone honored the agreed assembly time before 9 AM. For the first time, the boyfie and I arrived in Gaisano Talamban 15 minutes before 9. Haha!
Having fun playing 7Ate9 – card game in mathematics. 😛
 While waiting for the others to be done with breakfast, some played card games. By 9:45, we had our group picture, prayed for a good weather and a no injury climb, then walk to Sunny Hills for a motorbike ride to the jump off in Baogo.
Group pic before leaving the assembly area.
 At 10, we were ready to trek but not before we had the “family” portraits per group. Since we were many, I decided to divide the groups into 3 manageable groups w/ OICs in each group. The head group headed by the trail lead, the boyfie Migo. Middle group by me, the self-proclaimed photographer of the event. The tail group headed by Liz and swept by Angel.
 Our phase was relaxed but since it’s been six months since our last visit, the boyfie and I didn’t know that some of the trail’s difficuty got worse. Good thing, no one was injured while trying their best to trek on 3 major challenging parts where we need extra care in crossing.
On the trails before the arduous parts. 😀

The Challenging Parts

On the way to the river. The first hard part where the group take turns in trekking with extra care. Pic 6 shows Te Noela and Biboy supporting Xyna across the slippery slope.
After the first challenging part, comes a more challenging part. Another slope with an even slippery trail that ends in an orchard. While waiting for the others to cross, pic 6 shows the triumphant trekkers who just had their share of crawls. 😀
Another challenging trail after the orchard! This is on the way to the river!
Lunch stop at the clearing after crossing the river
We reached the falls at 11:30 but since some opt not to see it, it has been decided to have lunch at “The Manggahan”. We were there at 12:15. We had lunch, some rested while others played. The group were divided while playing. The tail group coached by Van2x and Arsenio played Super Circles. Head and middle group coached by Analyn played 7Ate9 and Spot It. And then, the boyfie, keeping track of the time told me to announced it was time to go at 1:15. They suggested to have it at 1:30. By that time, some opt to rest for 15 minutes while those who were to energetic opt to play “The Resistance” where Nadia became the ultimate “Spy”. Haha!
Photo break in the orchard after braving the challenging part 2.
Lunch break at “The Manggahan”!
Crossing the river!
We finally left at 2:00 PM and was at “The Store” 15 minutes after enjoying the extra kick of cold soft drinks.
At 2:45, we were ready to conquer the mostly uphill trails. We had 4 major rest or picture breaks before starting the summit ascent; in the mango tree with the nice city view, the bamboo, at the plum tree then at and the grassy place just before starting the cogon laden pathways.
Other challenging tasks!
 During our visit in June, the cogons were high and green, yesterday it was brownish with specks of black ash indicating it has been burnt. No information was gathered why it became so but me thinks it’s because of the hot weather? Hmmm!


Group pic at Sirao Peak. Ladies. Gentlemen. Group pic at the clearing before Ayala heights. Waiting for the ride to JY!

Then finally, at 4 PM, we reached Sirao Peak as planned, indicated in our itinerary. Wew! That was some trek. And it wouldn’t have been that great if the trekkers, both seasoned and first timers, weren’t that great as well. It was everything I optimistically think it would be – a funtrek!

We stayed in the peak for almost an hour, taking in the views, enjoying the air and mostly cam whoring! And then it was time to say bye-bye. Some suggested we’d wait for the other trekkers in our company before leaving but the sun was threatening to set already. So we opt to leave according to plan but as we were about to, we saw some office mates arriving. We had a quick picture then catch up with the others who went ahead. By 5:15, we saw the clearing. Another group picture and merry making then off we resume walking in the road to Ayala Heights with an extra excitement for the buko and sweet corn in a nearby store.

And then…heartache at 6:00 PM. No more buko and sweet corn. Huhu! When asked, the vendor told me that on non-Sundays, they usually don’t cook corns 30 minutes before 6 anymore. Huwaaaaaaah! Imagine the disappointed look on my face. When the disappointment settled down, I realized I have another problem. How do I get us out of there? We were 23. We need 11 motorbikes and I don’t see any jeepney around. Hmmm! And then I thought of walking down to the nearby house in the road. When I pass by the house just before reaching my target, a lady asked me where I’m off to. I told her my problem. And…viola! She offered her 2 rides. I am so blessed and lucky indeed.

I wish I took a picture of us in the ride but it was in the boyfie’s pocket already. Haha! For a motorbike price of Php50/person, we hailed 2 multicabs. 11 in the other cab, and 12 in our cab. Me thinks it’s more comfortable than the motorbike since I was able to talk to them on the long ride to JY square. Special thanks to Ate Tessie for the offer. Hoping to have that ride again when we come back next time. 😀 Unfortunately, I opt not to get the contact. LOL

And then it was time to go home and rest. The others who were famished went to dinner at AA’s – our last stop for the day that started in Jollibee in Gaisano Talamban.
I still have more thoughts but keeping it in as a beautiful reminder for our next funtrek to be scheduled. Hopefully, most will still enjoy nature as much as I enjoyed it. There is no greater happiness than to be able to share something that you love to your friends. 🙂

Group pics at stops. The store. Manggahan. Plum Tree.
Special thanks to the following people for being a real backbone on this event. In no particular order after #4:
1. July – Migo, the boyfie, who despite being a pessimistic nagger still supports me in a somewhat scary undertaking. Haha! I have always been a girl who believes that everything will turn out the way I planned it and the goodness of people. Still he insists, things could happen so he have me prepare that waiver. LOL Anyways, that was good too. 🙂
2. Liz-zy – For everything. 😛
3. Maria – For everything and coming despite the celebrity-hectic schedules as well. Haha!
4. Angel – For being one of the optimistic supporter and going with us despite her group’s event as well. 😀
5-7. Analyn, Charina (& Ricco) – these gengs who have always been with me since Ganisiya days. 🙂
8-9. Nadia (& Randy) – the ultra active couple who expresses their support no matter what. LOL
10-13. Camia, Fredelyn, Kathleen, Nikka
14-16. Te Noela, Xy-na (& Biboy)
17-20. Power couples Ebeb (& Charlie), Newly weds Meriam (& Way2)
21-22. Vanessa (& Arsenio)
16 ladies (2 non-NCR), 6 lads (2 NCRs)

Special Note: There’s an NCR organization “Women In NCR” or WIN but this event is not organized through it. Haha! I just find it unsettling even if we are still NCR Women but unfortunately only some of us are WINs so…I hope you get the message.

This is an event brought about by a love for trekking and just sharing it with others. 🙂 Freelance but picky since we trek with FUN only. Hahaha! If you want a more competitive and contest-like trekking, this is not for you. 😛

An Unexpected Body Pains From Kawasan Traverse

Unlike my previous Osmeña camp, that Saturday night was cold but no rains. It was so cold, I opt to miss the socials. While the boyfie played the “killer game” with the group, I watched “East of Eden”. Halfway through the movie, the boyfie went back to tell me he will teach them “The Resistance”. When he left, I dozed off. Despite the howling winds, I slept soundly. At 5:00 AM when the alarm sounded, I was already in high spirits. Because it was still cold, I chose to use Pong’s burner instead of waking up Liz. Turns out, she was just waiting for me as well. Haha! Liz and I prepared breakfast while the boyfie is still in dreamland.

Our breakfast is rice topped with yummy Adobo pre-cooked by Liz. And of course, coffee for the cold morning.

While the others are preparing to go, we went to the summit again with our packs. By 0830, we started our trek to Kawasan.

Break Camp. Liz posed while the others are still busy packing. Keith carried the group trash to the designated trash area.
Other trekkers on the way to Kawasan! View from the summit.

Keith and the boyfie have trekked to Kawasan but it didn’t saved us from getting lost still. Good thing, there were locals who eventually lead us to the right path.

This was my favorite part of the trail. It was like a setting from a horror movie. A house in a secluded area. You will not see it in the pic but the hill at the back of the house is towering and imposing. SUPER SCARY! I will not trek here at night. Awoooooo!

We got lost countless of times but the worst was our first,  just before reaching Bugtong Basketball Court. The wrong path was very slippery and dangerous. We were walking on a steep slope. When it finally ended, we had to climb up a hill side. Because I climb up first, I managed to take a video of the others as they go up the hill. It was quite an adventure, one worthy of a major applause.

Views just before leaving the camp site.
Views after the house seen in the summit. I will surely ask the name of the place next time. 😛 You can still see the summit from here.
The creepy part. Awoooooo!

The trail varies from roads, farmlands, forests and grasses. When we reached Candiis Barangay Hall, my feet is already sore. Good thing we were walking on a road already. 30 minutes after, we stopped at a waiting shed. Keith informed us that a water source was nearby. Turns out it’s still 10 minutes away from the shed. Haha! That was 1 hour passed lunch time already but nobody mentioned that their stomach is grumbling. Wew!

Candiis Brgy Hall, the shed and water source!

Another 30 minutes of walking on the road and finally we reached Sanlagan Brgy Hall. From here, the group was divided. The others went on the short trail while we continued on the somewhat hard core trail. Another “lost” moment again. We missed the exit for the road to Kawasan, we instead follow a road that, as the locals said, will lead us to Matutinao. Still in Badian but we’ll miss the Kawasan source. I don’t know how much time we spent on that because everybody was in haste. I was a little worried as well.

The “lost” look. Just before climbing to the right path. 😛
We are betting on the dirtiest! So who won?!
The view after we were lost. Was finally able to got a hold of the camera again. 😀
This was rather dangerous. The boyfie kept telling me to concentrate but I can’t. I just had to take a picture. The path was on a rocky slope.
And because I keep taking pictures, the others were very far ahead already. Haha!
The boyfie is descending slowly. Good thing he didn’t see me run. 😛
We were happy to be on this road…finally!

To sum everything up, the traverse to Kawasan was quite an adventure. I was tired but not too tired thus I was surprised of the muscle pains in my lower body. It was unexpected. Everything was aching. From my waist, butt, legs and torsos. But it could be because I haven’t been climbing as much since our Apo last year as well. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
If asked if that trail was for beginner’s? Nope. I don’t think so. But I’m quite excited to come back. I think I just found a new “Sirao”. I’d love to memorize this trail. Everything about it is just exciting especially that it ends in a cool, cool swimming in Kawasan. Just my cup of tea! Yay! Hopefully, I wouldn’t be as battered next time. 🙂

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Osmeña Peak Will Never Be The Same

Without the lost moments, it was still a long walk to Kawasan Falls and not an easy venture even for a somewhat seasoned trekker, much more to beginners. My heart goes out to the girls who had to endure that trail for their first adventure. 🙁 Now I am more fired up to bring them to Sirao Peak. The beauty of the trail is comparable but surely not that arduous of a journey. Still, it’s up to them to erase the bad memory and try once again. 🙂

View of the camp from the rocky mountain.

Last last weekend’s adventure in Naupa pales in comparison with last weekend’s trek, January 30-February 1, 2015 in Osmeña Peak. It took us 6.5 hours to reached Kawasan Falls. We were lost, slipped, crawled and missed a meal yet despite that, everybody was still smiling and in high spirits. My estimate is that out of 17, there were only 7 who has prior trekking experience. Salute to them first timers!!! The boyfie and I started our hobby in Osmeña as well but without a traverse to Kawasan. I wonder if it made a difference if my first trek was a hard core. What you think?

Day 01 Camping At Osmeña Peak

7:00 Meetup At 7/11 Near USJR Main
8:30 At Mantalongon Minibus Terminal
– Travel time
12:00 Mantalongon Market Arrival
– Lunch, buy supplies
13:00 Start Trek
14:30 ETA Osmeña Peak Camp

Keith talks, we listen! 🙂
Warming up!!!
The drivers begged for a picture. LOL

The first day was easy and comfortable. Meetup was at 7/11 beside USJR Main. From there we walk to the gas station where the minibus bound to Mantalongon is parked. This was my 3rd(the boyfie says it’s 4th but I don’t have posts to remember so…) climb but I never knew there was a minibus that would take us to the market directly. It was convenience and savings at Php100, and definitely better than the motorbike.

3.5 hours has elapsed and was spent sleeping on the ride. It was exactly 12 when we reach the market. Just in time for lunch. Keith instructed us to find lunch and meet back in front of Erma’s store after 45 minutes. By 1, we were in our way.

Happy that Charm’s boyfie took a picture of us. 😀
Oh well, the only decent group picture I have. You see, I tend to be crowd shy. Hahaha!

Because we were somewhat a large group, it was divided. Keith and 5 others went ahead while the boyfie, Liz and I went with the big group. The sun was rather cooperative. It was sunny but not too hot. Just my favorite weather. I can skip, take a picture and pose. 😛

The boyfie looking grumpier! Haha
A little catching up our breath stop!
Wew! It’s maybe not the same bamboo bench from 2012 right?
Photo bombed by the dog. LOL
One of the changes. Cooler BRIDGE!
It was OK to walk faster since they can see us even if we are way ahead.
This is where I saw the log book…must be the log book house? 😀
Just me…being me!
Another one of the beautiful change. I couldn’t even get close to this rock before.

Despite the boyfie’s nagging for taking too much pictures when I’ve been there countless of times, I still took more pictures. LOL For me, no trek is the same even when you are in the same place.

There was some changes since I’ve been there. The way up was already paved and cleaned. The log book was new as well. We listed our names but no fees were collected. A friend tells that there was a Php10 entrance last time they were there. But maybe it was waived on that day because of the fiesta? Hmmm! Not sure. LOL

The sun was still up and shining after we set up camp so for the first time, I was able to go to the rocky mountain opposite the peak. The views were definitely cooler on that part. 🙂

The rocky mountain in my back!
And of course, no good view without a Migo and Miga pic. Thanks Lizzy!
My adventurer Migo! So handsome!!!
But of course, Lizzy and me had to take a selfie…er doufie. 😛
Shadow of the peak. It doesn’t look that “peaky” on the rocky mountain.

Then comes sunset. It was so cold that I opt to miss it but glad I change my mind. From the peak, I was able to capture some sunset views and the entire camp. There were 8 groups on that night.

So many campers! Wew!
Campers on the other side for a total of 8 groups. Wowww!
Waiting for the sun to set…
Heart2x c/o Lizzy!
This is life.
Did you see Migo jump?
Coz we can’t let a moment pass without a picture of us together 🙂

I was really planning on a single post but then it’s almost time for game night so Day 2 on the next post. See you. Let’s end this post with a somewhat prenup posts c/o of Lizzy.


Climbing Mt. Naupa in Naga, Cebu (My Hometown’s Mountain)

It hasn’t been a while since knowing that Mt. Naupa has become a mountaineer’s destination. Seeing pictures of other mountaineers of the campsite puts me in awe. I wanted to be there and experience the beauty for myself. So last weekend, January 24-25, we finally took the time to climb Mt. Naupa as part of our preparation to conquer Mt. Canlaon on the 3rd week of February.

View of the campsite from the summit.
View of the campsite from the summit.

The green meadow was everything I’ve hoped for. The grass was so clean that it’s okay to barefoot but do it only if you could bear the cold. Unlike other’s experience, our Naupa weekend was a cold one. There was no rain but it drizzled a bit. The wind was chilly. I didn’t bring my jacket but good thing the boyfie insisted that I took his red long sleeve. Without it, he would have given me his again (he loves me too much <3).

01 ViewOnTheWay
View on the way!

The adventure started with an approx of 20 minute motorbike ride to the jump off, Sto. Niño Cogon Chapel. From Gaisano Minglanilla, we were supposed to ride a multicab for Tungkop. But since there were motorbikes in front of Gaisano, one of the BRBs asked if they knew the place. We settled with a Php50 fare.

02 ViewOnTheWay
The motorbike trail was a combination of paved, slippery and rocky ones.

The boyfie and I’s driver was quite chatty or maybe because I kept asking him things. Haha From him, I’ve known that the chapel could be reached in 2 ways via Estaca (opposite of Tungkop) or via Cantao-an (this is our way). Despite his knowledge, he kept looking at the others since we were not sure what way to pick as well. The other driver signaled that we were to take the via Cantao-an route. On the way, I kept talking and taking pictures. Always burdening the driver with questions that is maybe the reason why we seem to miss the turn when we were in KSS. Haha! The other couple went on the paved road above us while we ended in the muddy one near the river. I feel a little uneasy. Manong driver assured us, we would surely reunite with the others in a while. He’s quite familiar with the place, he said.

03 ViewOnTheWay
Finally, the fear vanished when I saw them arriving.

Because the road has become muddy and impassable, I focus my attention elsewhere. Praying a little that accident wouldn’t befall on us. At the back of my head, I kept praying that we were on the right track. When we arrived at the chapel, there was no one but us. It was then that my heart hammered. Oh my! There were 2 motorcycles before us, where are they?! The boyfie was quite agitated as well. We each proceeded to call the other BRBs.It turns out, it was them that had the wrong turn. Haha! Sorry, Manong Driver for doubting you. 😀

04 JustBeforeTheClimb
Chatting about the rather adventurous motorbike ride before a group pic.

After the motorbike chatters died down, we gathered for a prayer and started on our way. We left the chapel around 3:15 and arrived at around 4:00 PM. Yay! We had it around 45 minutes which can be attributed to our luck in choosing the correct point on the fork paths. Haha! Plus there were locals everywhere as well, just when we needed them. 🙂

06 TheClimb
And the journey begins…
07 TheClimb
Catching up our breaths!
07 TheClimb_DryRiver
Dry river!
09 TheClimb_WhereDoWeGoFromHere
First of many fork paths? So where do we go from here?
10 TheClimb_Solos
Foggy Welcome!
11 TheClimb_WhereDWGFH
Catching our breath 2!
12 TheClimb_Quarry
Sad, sad view. 🙁
13 TheClimb_Quarry
Human wrecking havoc to nature. Hayst!

The campsite was very wide. Since it’s still early, we laze around before setting up camp. The summit was a perfect background to the campsite. It was a short climb but mostly uphill so it might take a while before I’ll include it in my funtrek list. The motorbike to the jump off was quite scary too. 😀

Setting up camp!


After setting up camp, we then prepare our yummy dinner. Unlike our previous climbs where we ate mostly canned goods, we had grilled meat this time. We had 2 wines and coke as well. Yay! Chat and almost 9 rounds of “The Resistance” game followed after. Haha! The night ended with me failing badly as a spy. Pffft! Learning how to bluff is no longer an option but a necessity. Hahahaha!

Yummy Dinner!
The RESISTANCE! It’s not good to be a spy on the expansion!!!
Lovely clouds!
Migo and Miga in Apo Blue!
Hello Liz! First time with BRB! 🙂


It was around 30 minutes to midnight when we decided all that spying were enough. But Liz and I talked until 12. The night was tolerably cold but the howling wind kept me restless. It was foggy even at 7 AM. I decided to forego climbing the summit but after a while, the sun shone and everything went clear. Yay! Thanks to it, I was able to make the most out of Naupa. 😀

Our leader who had chicken pox but still went with us. He was supposed to be resting but good thing we all had chicken pox when we were children. We were safe from him. 😀
Loving the color of my hair!!!
Just being meh!
All that green with me in red and blue. So cool to the eyes!
It’s been a while since the boyfie’s jump-scapade! Need to urge him to jump every time. 😀


I’ve known that Naupa is in my hometown. As a child, I have neighbors who has relatives in Naupa but I wasn’t that adventurous then. So I was quite excited when I knew we would have our exit in Lanas. It’s very near our place but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give my Mom a heads up that I would be visiting with friends. Maybe next time! 😀

Farm lands on the way down!
Extra careful cause the ground is wet!
Tempted to pick one! LOL
Liz and me!
Finally, cemented road!
Kuya Ali walking backwards to save the aching knees. 😀
Migo as well 😛
Don’t tell Mama I was in Lanas. 😛
Lunch in Naga!
The boyfie posed while the others are busy with food.
While waiting for the food to be served.
Civilization at last!!!

And then…home! I thought it was an easy climb but my body thought otherwise since when I arrived home, I’ve only managed to clean my feet and then I dozed off until 10 PM. The boyfie and I miss our Sunday mass again. Waaaaaaaaaa! And we’ll miss it again next week since we are off to Osmeña Peak then traverse to Kawasan the day after. Wew! Loving the weekend climbs. 😀

Outreach Climb @ Mt. Babag w/ Tribu Lapukon & Friends

Today, I help make it happen, making an almost a hundred kids beamed in delight as they munch on the food and drink we serve for lunch. It was heartwarming. The 2-hour walk and climb that we had to endure to reach the place was a little hard and tiresome but it was all worth it. Seeing so many smiling and giggling children as they line up and receive their gifts were euphoric. I definitely will join again. 🙂

YPRO and friends didn’t have their yearly sharing. Being a little busy at work and personal, I just had to let go of the yearly habit. Hope next year will be different. This year was supposed to be our 5th gift giving. 🙁 Instead of totally giving in to my hectic schedules, I asked a number of friends if they knew people organizing sharing activities. I badly wanted to join. I couldn’t keep still. A friend at my climbing group told me about a yearly outreach in his previous workplace’s climbing group. And so he introduced me to Tess.

I didn’t really mind the thought of going in alone but my friends are into these stuffs as well. Unfortunately, the first schedule was December 13. It was our close friend’s wedding. No matter how I want to join, I couldn’t be absent in Corie’s wedding. I love her too much not to be part of a new chapter in her life. I had to chose. But as if the gods heard my un-prayered thoughts, the schedule was moved. I didn’t have 2nd thoughts of going. I just had to even if I partied until 12 AM after the wedding.

I was actually a little scared since I only have 3 hours worth of sleep. The call time was 7 AM but I had to think it was 6 AM ’cause I don’t want to keep them waiting. Despite the late notice, I had 4 other friends who planned to go. But it ended with just me and Charina. We arrived at Guadalupe church at 6:30 AM. While eating our breakfast bought at Jobe, Charina called my attention. She saw another climber. And as usual, I act without thinking and immediately assumed he was with Tess. Haha! Turns out he is from another group. Awkward  but of course, I made it through. “Miss baga gyud diay ka ug nawng!”. Charina said with a smile after the guy left. So I told her about the times that I had to make the first steps to know people. It is not easy but you have to think that others find it hard too. If nobody will break the ice, then you’ll go through life wondering how that awkward first step put you a step farther.

It wasn’t really that hard at all. I feel that every Mountaineers have this sort of connection. He even told us the story of his Apo trip. And of course, I did too. But not really the juicy detail that’s in here. Just some.

Pics at the start of the trail. Napu drop off!

I’ve never been to Babag. It was Charina’s first climbing activity. Her spirit is determined but I know from experience that sometimes, determination and will is not everything in the mountains. You have to be physically fit in all aspects. I have no doubts on Charina but it was my first and I had doubts. My climbing group has a bad experience in Babag. From their stories, I knew they underestimated the climb by starting it late in the afternoon but still it didn’t change the fact that I don’t know anything about Babag at all. It feels scary.

Charina has a backpack. It was a little heavy cause she brought school supplies  for the children. It makes me more scared cause I know how hard it is to carry things uphill. Good thing, another guy from another group offered to carry it for her. Wew! Something was lift off my worries list. I was tempted to have mine carried as well but it was lighter than my usual pack so even if I’m worried I know I can do it. But just in case I couldn’t, of course, I have a backup plan. 😀

The first hour of the trek was just plains and a little uphill. I had no qualms but I kept on asking Charina of her well being. Oh well aside from I tend to be motherly at times, it’s her first time. I kept talking and talking and talking to  keep me off my worries. Haha! I think it works. 😀

The next hour was the assault. It was definitely an assault. Charina tried on my backpack. I was happy. It’s good to have another girl power in the team, hoping for a new recruit. 😀 I told her to tell me if it’s too much. She did after a while but I sure did catch a lot of my breath having that pack out of my back. 🙂

Charina with Tito and Tita!
Charina with Tito and Tita!
Broke my nail. Huhu!
Broke my nail. Huhu!
This is where the real assault start. The "habal-habal's" drop off point.
This is where the real assault start. The “habal-habal’s” drop off point.
Charina starting to carry my backpack!
Charina starting to carry my backpack!

And then we reached the place. We saw other climbers on the mango shade. The mango tree has a platform over it’s branches. I couldn’t resist climbing it. There I meet a new face. I forgot his name. Maybe it was Coran? LOL But he’s from the company of a new face I’ve known from our previous Apo climb. Asked him if he knew him. Unfortunately, he didn’t. He was so gay telling me about his group. Even showed me their cool banner. That is after I laughed at the name of their group. It was “Hubo” which means naked in vernacular. I even asked his number. Oh well now that I remembered, I have 3 numbers added on my phone book. 😛 I’m totally is the girl. 😛

The kids are all ready.
The kids are all ready.
Yummy foods waiting for us when we arrived. Wew! The mango was so sweet.
Yummy foods waiting for us when we arrived. Wew! The mango was so sweet.
Charina with the kids!
Charina with the kids!
Tribu Hubo's Banner
Tribu Hubo’s Banner
Hello new face!
Hello new face!
Tribu Hubo Members
Tribu Hubo Members

And then I got busy with helping and forgot about them. Charina and I were a team. And I felt as if they considered us part of their team as well. We helped in almost everything. I didn’t feel like an outsider. I sure hope Charina feels the same.

Smiling for the camera!
Smiling for the camera!
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Busy as a bee!
Busy as a bee!
Busy! Busy! Busy!
Busy! Busy! Busy!
This was after I arranged the giveaways!
This was after I arranged the giveaways!

While Wilma and Anne are busy with the program, the others prepare the giveaways and the food. I am amazed at how Tess did the tasking. Haha! Maybe I should be more like her. It kind of remind me of a friend’s bad experience in a volunteer organization. She talked about how the execom seem to boss around. I wanted to tell her that I usually do bossing too since it makes people do things. But today, Tess just proved me wrong. 🙂

There were games and prizes. And everyone seems to enjoy their part. We started the program at around 11 I think so the sun was burning hot. I didn’t actually remember how hot it was until I feel the burning sensation in my face and nape. Oh boy! My face and nape still feels hot when touching them now. Waaaaaa! Hopefully the sun burnt skin wouldn’t peel off until Thursday. Huhu! I don’t want to attend our company party with that face. 😐

The kids with their packs!
Posing for Ate Kulit!
Busy with their presentation plan!
Aileen with the kids preparing for the presentation
My favorite kid! 😀
Giving packs in progress!
Me and my friends!

After we wrap-up the party with the kids, we started our own party as well. I just had my first boodle fight. Yahoooo! The “lansang” and “hipon” were yummy. I believed I ate more than I had to but it was so yummy, I didn’t mind the extra pounds. Wahaha! And then it was time to go! I really have so much fun. I hope to join with them again. 🙂

Me in action! Plastic is my role. :P
Me in action! Plastic is my role. 😛
Aileen handing out the lates!
Aileen handing out the lates!
Charina in action!
Charina in action!
Wilma & Tess gicing foods.
Wilma & Tess giving foods.
Getting ready to feed the kids.
Getting ready to feed the kids.

As a challenge, I will list the new names I have today. 

  1. Henry – the guy I assumed from Tess’ group, the one I called out when we had breakfast at Guada church.
  2. Wilma – I forgot the time when I actually knew her name but I feel a good vibes from her immediately. 😀
  3. Anne, Lorraine, Aileen – asked their name on the trail. There was a 4th girl. Sorry it totally goes off my mind again. 😐
  4. Athan – he offered to carry Charina’s backpack.
  5. Tito Emil(?) and Tita Lorde(?) – Mistook them for a couple. My bad. Oh no, when I called them Tito and Tita, or Kuya and Ate, their names totally goes down the drain. Bad! Bad me.
  6. Julius – he hitch hike with us in Tito’s ride. He has an awesome go pro. I hope I have nice pics there. 😀
  7. Sister, Brother and Father – Oh gosh! I remembered I asked their names but totally forgot about them. My brain capacity is betraying me again. I again mistook the sister and brother as couples. Bah! Lesson learned. Do not immediately assume things. Huhu!
  8. Gru – the foreigner!

I hope I didn’t miss anyone. 🙂

So that’s it. Happy to have returned from my hiatus with this story of my outreach and a climb. Love! Love! Love! Good vibes!

The food is almost ready!
Boodle! 🙂

More pics at my page! Post by Kring’s Place. Enjoy! 🙂

Apo Day 4: Playing with Kidapawan River



The beauty of the smoking lake greeted us the next day. It would have been fun to have played with it longer but the schedule won’t allow it. Compared to the previous climbs, Apo’s last day trail was the most rigorous. Left the camp around 7 AM, an eternal descent followed.

And just because we were in a haste, I would forget to have our team picture taken? NEVER. It’s a MORTAL SIN to do so. 😀
Yip. We were way, way behind just because of that TEAM PICTURE above. Haha!


Stops along the way…


It was a clear day but the guides kept reminding us how erratic the weather these days. We need to hurry or else be stranded in rain. The thought of crossing 6 rivers pressured me to hasten each stride. And each countable stop, I kept on asking how far do we have to go. Downhills were a friend but that time, I thought otherwise.

From L-R, T-B: A doufie with the boyfie. Boyfie and our guide, Ronnie. With the century tree. Pong and me.
Some views of the trail. The ladder looks really scary from above but it actually feels safe.

It was a almost a race. The stops were minimal and short. The group was divided into teams again with the guide leading the pack. Before reaching Mainit Spring, one of our companion got cramps. And just when I’m about to say my words of wisdom, I tripped and slipped on the rock. It was painful. I feared that I too would have cramps. It could have been a first if I did.

Mainit Spring stop. The guide boasted of a hot and sour water and being “me”, I just had to try and decide for myself. It really was hot but not that sour. I actually love the taste, makes me think of “Pocari sweat”. I drank a lot and got reprimanded by the boyfie saying it might not be good for my acidic tummy knowing it’s sulfuric. 😛
Finally…the RIVER! This is our 3rd crossing I think. Didn’t have the chance to take a picture with the previous since we are on a rush. Luckily this time, they are having a hard time on the bridge. Haha!
More river pics!

After 7 hours of walking, we finally reached the last river crossing at around 2 PM. We were famished. The others were already eating when we arrived. Since it was the last stop before the ride, we settled matters with our new friends who have been very helpful throughout the entire journey – our guides.

Before the climb, our estimated budget was 450/day/porter but the actual was Php400/day/porter. It was our first climb with porter and we were a bit generous and happy, so every team decided to settle with 500/day/porter. And to make it easier for the boyfie and his friend, we gave Php 700 each for us three to our porter, Ronnie.

The last river crossing!
Lunch Time!!!
Bye Bye Apo! Bye Bye Kidapawan!

And finally it was goodbye, Apo. I was restless on the ride to Davao City. My body was aching but I felt that something was missing. I later realized that the anticipation and excitement of the climb that occupied me since the start of 2014 was making me restless. When it was gone, I felt lost and goal-less. 😛

From L-R, T-B: The sign before going out of Lake Venado. Century Tree. Mountain View. Almaciga Tree.

And that’s it. Apo has become a history. I kinda feel a bit of inadequacy on this last post. I wanted to write and tell you more but words are not my friend today. 😐 Oh well, next time perhaps.

We don’t have a schedule yet but Dulang2x might be next on the list. Yay! And while waiting for that new adventure, I’ll re-visit and update you with my Pulag and PamTarZam (Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales) travels. Stay with me. 🙂

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Prenup Photo Shoot on the Philippines Highest Mountain

To be promised forever on top of Apo crossed my mind but didn’t linger.  There’s so much to do in the peak and proposing is not on the list. But sans engagement, it didn’t stop the boyfie and I to enjoy a free prenup session. Yay! Here are some of my favorites!!!











Now it’s not only the mountain that we look forward to conquer…Credits to the photographer Dea! Visit her blog to see more of her photos. Yay!